Qingdao Suaiu Products Co., Ltd is one of the biggest eyelash manufacturer in China which specialized in mink lash vendors.we have our own factories which are located in Qingdao, the biggest lash vendors area in China.

gianni lashes reviews

gianni lashes reviews

Our main products includes false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash glue, tweezers, 25mm mink lashes.We can produce 1-1.5 million pairs false eyelashes per month, 150-200K trays eyelash extensions per month. Our factory has passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certificate in 2017,

With more than ten years of development, the mink lashes products are sold to more than 80 countries and regions all over the world.Immediately delivery and the low minimum order quantity are our service advantages.We can design style of eyelash and custom eyelash packaging according to your request.Large and complete category stocks, OEM and ODM services are convenient for the eyelash vendors wholesale and brand owners.

Suaiu’s mission: Beautiful world, make beautiful easier!

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We focus on luxury mink lashes for about 10 years, and all the lashes design by our own designer.
1. How to test your lashes quality ?

We supply all the customer free luxury lashes sample to test our quality , Which we have spent too much money on this work.

We just want to bring the Real 100% Mink Lashes Wholesale to our customers. And let every girl own Luxury Mink Lashes.

And if you want to know the details about how to test the lashes quality , you can read our post.

2.MOQ about Mink lashes wholesale

Most Mink Lashes Vendor have high MOQ limit in order to get more profits. But we don’t do that.


First , Most girls want to start their lashes business line with their own money.

And they love the beauty business and just want to begin with 50 pairs or 100 pairs lashes to open the market. So we would like to help these girls to start their lashes business line step by step.

Second, to earn more and more customer not the profits.

We want every girl know our luxury lashes and own the real gorgeous eyelashes instead of earn more and more money.

We want our customer have a good profits , and earn more and more money.

What we should do is to produce more lashes with patience and soul. And our customer sell them with a good price.

Third, we have no MOQ limit, all the style are in stock.

We are very confidence with our luxury lashes , our lashes are the best mink lashes in the market. They can easily be sold by our customer in a short time. We only produce 10 pairs luxury lashes each skilled worker one day. All made by hand and heart.

If you want to order the luxury lashes now ,please contact with anr lashes . she will help you choose the best seller in your market.


3.How to make a good order with cheap price?

We have 13-18mm natural mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes and 25mm long dramatic lashes, so if you want to make a good order , you can choose all the styles and let us know , how many do you want to buy ? and our salesman will check the details for you immediately. And they will apply a budget for you if you order more than 20 pairs.

4.Shipping cost about the mink lashes wholesale

We pay all the shipping cost to the shipping company. And we don’t have any profit from the shipping cost.

We will check the weight and volume and calculate the shipping for you immediately. So you should tell us how many lashes and boxes do you want to buy ,and we will check the details for you .

5. Which payment do you like if you order the mink lashes wholesale?

We have three payment ways for you to choose.

The first one is West Union.

You can visit the website and learn the guide on how to send money to us.

And we will give all the information you want, so you can easily finish the payment.

The second way is TT.

You can send your money to our bank directly. And that’s the best and easy way to order your lashes and boxes.

The third one is Paypal.

Many people use this app to send their money to our Paypal account. And that will be much easy and convenient.

6 . More information about the Mink eyelash wholesale

If you want to know more information you can subscribe our YouTube channel Emma Lashes. And we will show more details for you to know the best mink lashes from the video we published.

More information about the lashes and boxes please add whatsapp8618661816269.

We will help you make a good mink lashes wholesale order with cheap price.

How to Use Eyelash to Stick Out Thick Effect?

Beauty experts found that many friends in the creation of fine eye makeup, will use artificial eyelashes. As we all know, false eyelashes can make eyelashes appear thick effect, but the use of artificial eyelashes will have many skills.

After all, how to use artificial eyelash to stick out thick effect? The following is a detailed introduction.

Step 1: trim the eyebrows and eyelashes with lashes scissors.

The fake eyelashes just bought are too beautiful and unnatural. They should not be pasted intact. They must be properly trimmed.

First of all, you should carefully observe your eye shape, and then according to your eye shape, cut off part of the front and back of the false eyelashes.

Then you need to confirm the position of the eyelashes and trim the false eyelashes to an ideal length.

If the false eyelashes are too long, then the effect of sticking out will certainly appear very unnatural. You can keep pruning, and finally achieve the best effect of false eyelashes.

Should pay attention to injury eyelid bosom when trimming eyelash, as far as possible the finger should be in zygomatic anastomosis place, correct posture, in order to be in trim state unnecessary error.

The second step:

the next is to put high-quality special glue on the false eyelashes, the amount of glue is best not too much. Wait until the adhesive drying time, and then ready to bend the false eyelashes, make it more soft.

The third step:

when you paint your eyes, you need to create a more beautiful eye liner before you start putting on false eyelashes. Because it is impossible to paste the false eyelashes on the eyeliner, but you can use the eyeliner or eyeliner to cover the dry white stickers after the false eyelashes have just been pasted.

The fourth step:

when sticking false eyelashes, try to stick to the root of real eyelashes as much as possible, and the effect of pasting will appear more natural.

After sticking, you need to press it with cotton swab or hand for about 10 seconds, so that the false eyelashes can be fixed, and the real and false eyelashes can be completely mixed together.