Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Eyelash Extensions!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Eyelash Extensions!

Beautiful lashes talk, and so do the eyes. It is why women all over the world opt for lash extensions.The women, all over the world, fall for long, dark, and thick eyelashes. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with that. Check Instagram, and you will find images of celebs, models, and others having amazingly long, full, and fluttery eyelashes, even when they claim to be without makeup. But how it is possible? They are extending their eyelashes. Let’s discover Why You Should Get Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

1.They will enhance look of your natural lashes.

2.The really open up the eyes and make them more noticeable.

​3.More dramatic then mascara but less dramatic then strip lashes. You can always go more (Volume Lashes) if that’s the look you are after.

4.You wake up looking stunning, every day without effort! Brush your lashes and out the door.

5.Saves money! No more mascara required. You might even find you don’t need to wear any eye makeup at all. Saving more money!

6.Saves time! Speeds up your morning and night time routine.

7.Great for people with sensitive eyes. The fewer products around the eye area the better. Also great for people with contacts or glasses.

8.Great for the travellers. All your holiday pictures and selfies will look amazing and your eyelash extensions will last for the entire vacation.

9.Great for special occasions, weddings, balls, formals, award ceremony or conferences.

10.Great for the gym. Can sweat it up for hours at the gym and still have great looking lashes.

it is out and out different from false eyelashes that you can buy and apply at home. While these are attached to the eyelid on a single strip, lash extensions are done by fixing individual lashes to the lash line. It delivers a semi-permanent solution to enhance your natural lashes by making them full and thick and is the job of a professional lash stylist. These false lashes are made of mink, silk, synthetic, human hairs, etc., and they fall out with natural lashes. Lash extensions bring about an impressive transformation that highlights your best features.

If you ask me, there’s nothing so dramatic as much as fluffy or long lashes. It can make people with thin or short or weak lashes look prettier, younger, and radiant!

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