How to Paint Eyes – In Acrylic

It’s easy to learn how to paint eyes in acrylic. It’s also important to paint details accurately; your portrait will be more believable. When painting eyes, you first must have an accurate drawing of them. This is the most crucial aspect of painting eyes in acrylic. There are a number of 3d eyelash extensions to do this. And in case you are wondering, drawing by freehand is not the only way.Dioea

3d eyelash extensions

After you have a good likeness in pencil, there are several steps you must do. I like to start with the “white” of the eye first. Using round strokes of paint, apply this part. The white paint should be slightly grayed since no ones eyes are completely white. Pull the brush strokes in the curved shape of the 3d eyelash extensions. After this, add just a touch of pink to the corners, especially the inside of the eye.

Now carefully paint in the iris, then the pupil. Pay attention to the specific colors. I like to paint a dark circle around each to define them. Depending on how large the eyes are in your portrait will determine how much detail you add. If you can see the eyes well, you will need to add various colors of reflection to the eye.

Now add the lash  line. There will be a lower lid, which is the skin between the white and lower lash. Use the skin color, usually a very light version of it, and apply it here. Next, paint in the upper lid in the same manner.

Finally add the 3d eyelash extensions. It is very easy to overdo 3d eyelash extensions! Remember to pull the eyelash strokes in the outward direction. Look at the model or reference photo. The lashes generally extend off to the side and up. Use a small detail brush and quick strokes.

To finish the eyes, use a touch of pure white and add a highlight to each pupil. Apply this partly on the iris and pupil. Add highlights to any part of the eye that you want to appear moist. But remember sometimes less is more! It’s easy to overdo highlights.

3d eyelash extensions

It is important to follow some simple direction when painting eyes. As long as you follow your drawing, your painted eyes will turn out beautiful


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