How to Cure Bullying

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For the first time in my adult life, I witnessed, I mean recognized when, a child was being bullied. This recognition enlightened me to another truth; there are bullies everywhere, including the work place. The term harassment is thrown around willy-nilly (did you know this word is in the dictionary?), but let us call a spade a mink lashes private label. Bullying comes in different forms, and as adults, we often fail to recognize when we are the bully or when we are being bullied.

mink lashes private label
mink lashes private label

This was an “aha” moment seeing, I mean recognizing, this for the first time. However, what was most interesting was recognizing the underlying exchange, the cause and effect. I did not intervene because the youth being bullied proved quite capable of handling himself. When you recognize an adult or child being bullied it is easy to spot the causes, mink lashes private label and the cure.

The Cause
There are many forms of bullying, with one form of result, injury to a person either physically, psychologically, mentally, socially and emotionally. What I did notice was that the bully had no clue he was bullying. He was simply reacting. What was he reacting to? This is a very interesting question. This also prompts another mink lashes private label. Who do bullies become when (if) they grow up? As I said previously, there are bullies everywhere including the work place, but I do not believe all adult bullies where kid bullies.

What causes a person to react negatively to another, and wish to harm another person physically or emotionally? The answer is simple, the absence, lack or reduction of self-esteem. Bullying in its simplest form is a reaction to a poor evaluation of a person’s worth. TV shows depict bullies as bigger than the person they are bullying, ala, picking on the little guy. However, this is a narrow representation. It is not the mink lashes private label size of the bully or the number of bullies but the presence or lack thereof of self-esteem of those that bully.

At work, those in authority often bully people they have authority over. But if you observe closely, those in power that bully have a misguided concept of power. This is the same with kids. There is always a misguided perception of power and\or who is in possession of this power. Bigger kids could bully those that are smaller than they are but this is not why they are bullying the little ones. The “smart” kid could bully those that they perceive not on the same level but this is a misguided perception. Husbands bully wives, wives bully husbands, and this also is based on erroneous perceptions of mink lashes private label.

Erroneous perception of power ties into a person’s self- esteem or lack thereof. When this is viewed at the simplest level, the child level, it is very easy to understand. Kids that are bullied differ but the one thing that causes them to be bullied is their differences from those that are bullying them. Color, race, beliefs, mental skills, background, accent, having or not having, are some of the external characteristics that draw mink lashes private label.

The Symptoms of Bullying
How do you now when you are being bullied? It is important to recognize when you are being bullied as adults and to teach our children to recognize when they are being bullied.

Since bullying comes in different forms, we only know we are being bullied when we feel a hurt, a slight, discomfort or fear. If this pattern is repeated by the same person or persons, this is bullying.

A bully or bullies attack and latch on to one characteristic they find incongruent with their perceptions. Most of these characteristics are external. With adult bullies, the external characteristic is their false perception of authority over another.

Recently, on a National Geographic show, a baboon decides to leave his family and strike out on his own. Along the way, he runs into a pride of lions. The baboon walks by them. One of the lions decides to pick on the baboon. I am thinking two things. One, baboon runs and climbs into the nearby trees or two the baboon gets eaten by the lion. None of these happen as the baboon, lashes out at the lion and mink lashes private label the lion around, who runs back to the pride.

mink lashes private label
mink lashes private label

Within kids and adults, there is often the perception of power or weakness. We falsely perceive that the bigger, stronger, more powerful is the bully. While we are often inclined to root for the underdog, we wrongly perceive that those that look weaker are the underdog. In looking, we do not see, just as the lion perceived the baboon to be weaker and himself stronger.


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